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What is the Most Vital ingredient For Your Success?

It's YOU. So much focus is put on tactics and hacks but when it comes down to it, the level you are able to play the game of business & life depends on your ability to take action.

That ability is determined by FIVE key areas... 
Your Psychology, Philosophy, Purpose, Path & Plan.

To learn how to increase your clarity in these five key areas and create successful outcomes in across all areas of business & life,
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Mark Austin

Mark Austin
Freedom Engineering

The Art & Science Of Freedom Engineering


What is it that causes us to act the way we do, to make the decisions we make, and that has the most impact on our reality? The answer is our philosophy and our psychology.

Together, they create a perspective that shapes what we believe to be true about ourselves, our abilities, other people, and the world itself.

Phase 1 of Freedom Engineering tackles these 2 areas and is a phase of discovery. What do you currently believe and why? Where are those beliefs taking you? What mental loops and scripts automatically run that keep you stuck, going around in circles and not reaching your goals?

By the end of this phase, you will know the answer to those questions. You'll be able to transform your philosophy and psychology so you can create a new perspective, one decided by you. A new perspective that puts you back in the driving seat of your life.


With the insights, knowledge, tools and practices you acquired during phase 1, it is time to turn our attention to what you want your life and/or business to look like.

You'd think that the question, "What do you really want?", would be an easy one to answer but I find that it leaves most people tongue tied.

The truth for most people is they don't know. This is partly due to the beliefs and programming you'll have discovered in phase 1 but it is also often due to the fact that we don't know how to design our lives. It's not exactly what we are taught in school.

Phase 2 of Freedom Engineering is all about one word - Clarity. You'll design your life in a way that you've probably never experienced. You'll come away with a clear path that you wish to follow and a purpose driven vision to fuel your journey along it.


The majority of the work of the first two phases in Freedom Engineering is of the mental variety. Now comes the other type of work, the physical kind.

You need to take action.

If you are like most people, this has been the problem you've had in the past. Taking consistent action until you reach your desired destination. If that is true for you, this is where that struggle ends.

You'll learn a new way to look at planning and setting goals. You'll learn a simple, step by step process that can deliver any result or goal to which you apply it.

When you take the process and planning methods that you learn in this phase and apply it to the clear purpose and path you designed in phase 2, you will have the ability to take consistent action and create your dream life at will. In short, you will be unstoppable.

We Asked Clients To Rate Their Ability To Manage
& Improve The Core Areas Of Their Life.

BEFORE Access To The Freedom Engineering Process
(rating scale: 1=totally stuck & lost, 10=totally clarity & freedom. Average rating shown)


AFTER Access To The Freedom Engineering Process
(rating scale: 1=totally stuck & lost, 10=totally clarity & freedom. Average rating shown)


An Average 161% Improvement Across All 4 Life Areas!

What Others Say...

A Small Sample Of Client Feedback.
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"I’ve worked with Mark for over a year now, and if I had to sum up what I’ve gained from his coaching, it would be clarity, direction and ideas. It’s a unique person who has both intellect and creativity, but that’s exactly what Mark has shown me in our time together. Mark’s personal support and coaching has helped me to break free of the chains holding me back."

J. Quigley

United kingdom

"Mark is a huge and crucial part of what I have accomplished, I'm so grateful to have him in my life. He dialled in my clarity. I was hitting a wall for the longest time & I didn't know what to do. Thanks to Mark, my clarity levels went sky high and I realised what I needed to do. The new ideas, concepts and ways of thinking blew my mind."

S. Trajkovski


"Mark took me to a whole new level. He's opened my eyes to things I never thought I would see. He brought thoughts & ideas out of me in such a skilled way.
He's an absolute genius. If you get the chance to work with Mark don't hesitate, it's life changing stuff. This is a programme I recommend you
come and do"

L. Crossan

United kingdom

"Thank you Mark for being the shining star that you are. I appreciate your years of hard work, effort and commitment, without you and that work, I'd never have got to this new thinking.

No amount of books, workshops, personal development and coaching had got me to that place."

J. Graham

United kingdom

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience. It has changed my life and how I think forever. I no longer feel helpless.

These are life long skills that are instilled. I feel grateful that our paths crossed & it really was a mystery as to how i discovered you but it was just at the right time!"

L. Bradford

United kingdom

"It's been quite a journey.
It's taught me more about me and who. I am and what drives me.

 It's highlighted my strengths and it's help me understand why I had limiting beliefs.

 I feel I now know what's required and how I can make things happen. I'm excited for the future!"

P. McPetrie

United kingdom

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